Medicare Patients Warned of Observation Stays

medicare, medical insurance
Medicare Patients Will Be Warned About Observation Stays Under New Law A new law requiring hospitals to give oral and written notice to Medicare patients when they are under observation care, which essentially classifies them as outpatients and renders them ineligible for medicare payment for nursing home care, went into effect this week.  The Medicare Outpatient Observation Notices are designed ...
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Is Your Car Hackable?

Is your vehicle a target for hackers? While purchasing a new vehicle with all of the latest luxury upgrades is appealing, it’s important to also consider the security risks that may leave your automobile vulnerable to cyberattacks. As recent stories have surfaced about the hacking of self-driving cars and the vulnerabilities of cars that receive "over-the-air" updates to their software, car hackin...
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Protection During a Hailstorm

heavy rain, hailstorm
Staying safe on the road during a hailstorm It may sound surprising, but there are approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the United States each year. The size of hail can widely vary – from golf-ball size to softball size. And when it starts building up size, hail can cause not just severe property and vehicle damage, but also bodily harm and even death. On average, hailstorms annually cause over $1 ...
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Rental Car Insurance

rental car insurance
Do you need rental car insurance? You’ve probably been at the rental-car counter, listening to the representative ask if you want to purchase the company’s insurance. And the thoughts start racing through your head. “Is this a rip-off? Doesn’t my regular auto policy cover me? What about my credit card? Why didn’t I figure this out before I left on my trip?” At EFG Insurance Agency, we are here...
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Fire Pit Safety

fire pit, fire safety
Be Careful When You Play With Fire, Even in the Backyard It’s a great feeling to hang out with friends and family around a blazing fire in your backyard in Texas — unless, of course, that fire blazes a little too much. While a fire pit can be a wonderful addition to your home, all fires are potentially dangerous. So before you sit down with some marshmallows to roast, we here at EFG Insurance ...
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Avoiding distractions while driving could save your life

You’ve seen them on the roads; you might even know a few of them. And you could be one yourself. Distracted drivers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and experience levels. Even if you’re not one today, you could become one at any moment — in the time it takes you to answer your cell phone or check the kids in the back seat when you’re driving. (more…)
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Football Fan Safety

Make football season not just fun, but also safe Finally, we’re welcoming fall, that eagerly anticipated season when we get to enjoy cooler temps, colorful leaves, the start of school and, of course, football season in Texas! Football season brings with it a whole host of seasonal activities for football fans, from game-day tailgates and sports bar outings, to friendly bets and bowl parties.  ...
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Flood Prevention and Safety

Almost anywhere it rains, it can flood. Even if you live in an area of that you think isn’t at risk, preparation is just as critical as with other types of emergencies. Before we get into how you can prevent, limit or react to flooding, it’s important to note that flood damage is typically not covered by your homeowners or renters insurance. There are specialized flood insurance programs that w...
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Halloween Safety – Make your house a haven for trick-or-treaters

Halloween Safety
  Halloween is one of the fall season’s most treasured holidays. Kids love to dress up, get together with friends, and go door-to-door in search of the biggest and best goodies. If your neighborhood tends to be teeming with little ghosts, goblins, superheroes and princesses, you’ll want to be sure your yard and stoop are safe and welcoming. A little pre-planning can prevent unfortunate ...
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Ride safe with these motorcycle tips

motorcycle riding
Motorcyclists know that riding gives them a freedom that driving a car just can’t match. But the best riders also know that motorcycles require more focus to operate and don’t provide the same protections cars do in the event of a crash. The best riders also take great care in all situations, whether they’re in heavy traffic, stuck in the rain or just taking a quick ride on a perfect day. If yo...
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Have you heard about…Grandkid Scams?

Here's how they work: You get a call: "Grandma, I need money for bail." Or money for a medical bill. Or some other kind of trouble. The caller says it's urgent—and tells you to keep it a secret. But is the caller who you think it is? Scammers are good at pretending to be someone they're not. They can be convincing: sometimes using information from social networking sites, or hacking into y...
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Don’t Bite the Bait: Protect Organizations From Phishing Attacks

Here is a great article by Mike Kosednar of The Hartford on preventing phishing attacks on your organization. One Friday afternoon, the treasurer of Platte County, Mo., received an email from the presiding commissioner, requesting the immediate transfer of funds to an out-of-state consultant. The treasurer tried to verify the request, but the commissioner was away on vacation and not easily rea...
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Beware of Contractor Scams

Recently, a friend of mine almost had the worst luck of his life. Luckily, he acted quickly. Here's his story. There was a knock at the door. Not expecting anyone, I looked and saw a couple of men at the door and a truck in my driveway. They suggested that they could fix the fascia on the house and the drooping gutters. I hadn't noticed any droop in the gutters before, but the helpful discussio...
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Participating in youth sports nurtures children’s minds and bodies and is often the cornerstone for lasting memories of friendship and competition. What starts as a weekly after-school soccer game can grow to a competitive traveling league leading to college scholarships. Regardless of the intensity of the competition, it’s the commitment of coaches and volunteers that keep youth sports organizati...
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Real estate is often viewed as a safe, long-term investment. Whether it’s a modest single family home or a massive 100,000-square-foot warehouse, investment property can provide rental income and then can be sold later for significant gains. Before handing over the keys to tenants, property owners should secure the right type of insurance coverage to protect their investments from loss, damage, an...
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Non-profit organizations (NPOs) provide a helping hand to individuals in need and enrich the communities in which they serve. Youth sports leagues, senior recreation centers, churches, community theaters, museums, and historical societies touch the lives of so many while asking for little in return. This selfless service, however, does not mean they are immune to liability risks similar to for-pro...
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vacant home
Homeowners leave their properties vacant for a host of reasons. A vacant home is a prime target for theft, vandalism, or other damage. Before homeowners pack up the final box, a call to their insurance agent is in order to secure proper coverage for their newly-vacated property. Once a home is vacant for 30 or 60 consecutive days (depending on the policy), a typical homeowners policies will not...
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The construction industry is looking stronger today after a recession leaving many construction professionals out of business. Fortunately, the industry is on the rebound, so artisan contractors such as painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and drywall installers are back to work and in need of insurance. Now. For insurance agents assisting clients seeking artisan contractors prop...
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Before the first reporter pleas for viewers to “hunker down,” businesses need to be ready to protect their property and personnel in the event of a hurricane. For businesses, storm prep is more involved than boarding up windows and buying flashlight batteries. A thorough review of insurance coverage is necessary to help businesses recover from storm damage and minimize down time. A common mista...
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Thanks to modern technology, we can connect to clients and colleagues virtually anytime, anywhere. But what happens when we must disconnect? Setting up a professional automatic reply email message helps ensure others can keep working and your business keeps growing. Before running out the door for a well-deserved vacation or a dreaded dentist appointment, set up an auto reply message that helps...
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